Clamshell Packaging

This egg crate clamshell design was made specifically for the packaging of used, second chance, and other specialty golf balls. Unlike typical golf ball packages, the clear plastic clamshell packaging allows consumers to inspect the product before buying. This is very important as many consumers shy away from used golf balls simply because they are not able to get a good feel for the quality of the product.

Each clamshell holds 12 balls and is designed for hanging, stacking, or standing. Made of .015 thick PVC with an egg crate design that minimizes movement, these clamshells have proven to be extremely durable and capable of handling the relatively heavy weight of the product.

These clear plastic clamshells are also the perfect item for packaging personalized or logo golf balls. Contrary to standard golf ball packaging, one can easily inspect the logos or personalized insignias through the transparent package.

These golf ball clamshells are typically in stock for immediate shipment and available in small quantities.